Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday night, In The City

Wow. So I survived it. 3 days of bands, talk, and interviewing. My brain is friend, and my body is broken. Just got back an hour ago from seeing May68 and The Drums at Night And Day.

May68 were a band in the making, still finding their way, defining their sound and identity. The lead singer had obviously styled herself on Karen O, and the songs were lacking a dynamic quality, a clear distinction between verses and choruses, to give them a sense of direction. They were good though, and got better as the performance went on, and they're definitely ones to watch on the local scene, following in the electo footsteps of Delphic and The Whip.

Florida via NYC'sThe Drums had been hyped to high heaven as the band to go and see. Their myspace and the little press they'd done suggested they are in the same lineage as early Factory bands, and they'd obviously done their homework in this respect, but they left me cold, leaving me with a feeling that they were incredibly cynical, and had put together their look and sound in order to be 'cool', and hip according to a music scene / press definition, but weren't actually that good. Members of the audience told me that they were brilliant on their current E.P.but I refuse to buy it. The whole thing stank of the emperor's new clothes to me, so I left to fight, and write another day.

It's now time to sleep before writing up my interview with Mark Ronson, and the performance of The Dead Weather at the Academy on Monday. Nite!

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