Saturday, July 03, 2010

Mancunian Journalism Roundup

hi fellas & dames,

Back again. It's been a furious few weeks of gigs, writing and whatnot, and so it continues. Just got my first commission to write for The Guardian this week, and been uncovering lots of musical discoveries in my job as News Editor over at God Is In The TV.  From the current crop, I'd recommend:

Anyway, the reason I came on here to post my music journalism. Here's a roundup of the most recent stuff I've done, as requested by my mate John, who makes a bloody good point, that I should put it in one place.

Theres plenty more floating about, but that's all I can get hold of for now. That's about 3 months, and 2/3 of the work I've done, not counting daily news stories for GITTV, and a few movie and TV reviews. Busy indeed. Anyway,thanks for reading, and enjoy.

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