Thursday, October 19, 2006

Social Circle

hi peeps. So, in the spirit of trying new, fun things, I decided to venture out as your humble correspondent and sample delights of Didsbury last night. A few weeks ago, I was temping in some dump of an office in Chorlton, when I met a really cool dude call Sean, just moved here from uni in Stafford, who's keen to get into making film & tv.

After texting and promising to hang out, I turned up last week and ended up meeting loads of people at a new thing called Social Circle, which happens each week. It's basically a free thing where people meet each week on a Monday night in the Slug and Lettuce at 8pm, lots of young professional types and students, and a chance to drink and hang out. They do lots of other meets and the website seems to be well updated, so if you're interested, it's something to do, and it's free.

There some really nice people there, and the next meet is on Friday for a pub crawl, so I may well report back (if I'm not too hung over on Saturday!).

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