Saturday, October 16, 2010

In The City : Day 2

ok guys, this is going to get patchy now, and my memory of the many bands we saw is already fading and swilling about!

I'm truly exhausted now this fine Manchester Saturday. Anyway, here's what I saw on Thursday. It all started at The Castle pub, with Brown Brogues, who lit up the small working class old school pub with their strange bluesy punk. They're an odd duo, giant, big bellied drummer, and tatooed, vest wearing singer/guitarist, and their music was strange but compelling. I like to hear what a lead singer is singing, though, so bit annoyed with hearing a warble.

 Set 1 by brown brogues

Next was LA's Kisses, fresh in from performing in Tokyo, and after seeing a lot of industry types being too cool for school, it was refreshing to see punters genuinely enjoying their breezy, sun inflected pop. Like a ray of LA sunshine piercing the grim Manchester sky.

 Kisses by Kisses

I then split to catch Fixers at Noho, who absolutely blew me away. Incredibly harmonies reminiscent of the Beach Boys, and a darkness tipping a hat in the direction of the Arcade Fire (who incidentally, seem to cast a long shadow over several bands at ITC).

 Fixers - Iron Deer Dream by ITCManchester

Then it was time for Oxford one man band Chad Valley over at Noho. It was just one dude and some keyboards, so I was expecting the worst. I know some people loved D/R/U/G/S, and I am a fan of dance music, but as a spectacle, the thought of one or two dudes knob twiddling on a stage of keyboards and a Macbook or two is pretty boring to watch. But Chad Valley was good. His vocal added some personality and sense of performance to the music, which raised the dreaded term of "chillwave" in my mind, but without sounding like Travel advert music.

I also saw Oberhofer at Night and Day, and half Spaniard ensemble Crystal Fighters over at Dry Live, as well as Planet Earth at Gullivers, who all get honourable mentions. Favs of the nite have to be Kisses and Fixers, though.

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